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Jen Welter 10/10/17

Jen Welter is a force of nature – and to be fair, more than force is necessary to break through the glass ceiling that she now floats over: Jen was the first female to coach in the NFL. We were set to task with taking this larger-than-life personality and crafting a book cover image that speaks to her tremendous power, that also captures her savvy, smarts and feminine side: a delicate balance. Wrestling with a perfect outdoor location and curve-ball New England weather, we brought the outside in via professional grade turf and a bench from far-flung states. We learned about various features of pro turf, and what it means to be benched with a streamlined production team in our cozy Brookline Village studio. The session was very much an athletic match in a physical, emotional & mental arena, art-directed by Alex Camlin. To learn more, pick up a copy of Play Big – lessons in being limitless from the first woman to coach in the NFL. See what it was like Behind the Lens at an ASMP exhibit – opening and panel discussion October 18th.