Evoo’s Rooftop Garden

September 27, 2016

Shooting at Evoo is always a treat, and since our initial session with them in 2010, things have changed in the neighborhood. Evoo’s menus feature organic, local and sustainable ingredients and what could be more local than produce from their new rooftop garden? We sought to tell a bigger story around the establishment, from the mushroom man to sweeping views as well as new dishes and behind-the-scenes personality.

Harvard College

September 20, 2016

Working with Sametz Blackstone and the Digital Communications team at Harvard College, we created a series of images for their Admitted Students Packet and other print outreach. Mini-sessions of students within iconographic campus settings aimed to communicate an authentic, energized and approachable feel to the student body. And as an aside, the branded breakfast waffles were a nice touch.

Rhonda Rider – Now… And Then

August 30, 2016

“Wow… this is lovely! Great photo!” -Sherry Chen Lin, tour manager for The Boston Conservatory in Taiwan; “NICE photo!” -Amy Frawley, Director, Concert Artists Guild (NYC); “I saw a picture of you with the scroll of your cello by your face… SUCH a great picture!” -Suzanne Nelsen, Bassoonist, BSO. See if you can guess which are now and which are when?

WBUR and NPR Blast From The Past

August 11, 2016

It was 1970-something, and I was growing up in the suburbs of NYC, rocking out to top-40 on WNBC, while super-cool DJ Lee Masters announced the hits of the day. Fast-forward to a call from my favorite radio station now – WBUR (How times have changed 😉 Apparently super-cool DJ (aka Jarl Mohn, the new CEO of NPR) is in town, and we’re going on a pedi-cab ride through the Back Bay. Since his stint as DJ at WNBC, Mohn has held high-level positions in public radio as well as MTV, VH1, CNET and E! In this day and age, you need all that and more to make the news relevant to the masses.

Bistro 781

August 9, 2016

Bistro 781 needed a new website and social media presence, so Jeff Abellard and Chef Jason Duffy worked with Julliana Jennings of Creating An Impact to refresh and uplift their brand. We coordinated a shoot to capture diners enjoying ambiance, and to suggest the ever-changing creative menu of this destination spot in the heart of Waltham.