February 13, 2015

ONvocal is a technology company dedicated to transforming the art of listening. Some say that listening is a lost art, complicated by a world of distractions and background noise. But what if you could sift through that symphony of sounds and create the experience you want? Teaming up with Crocker Inc, we did a series of lifestyle shoots to communicate ONvocal’s passion for improving lives by bringing greater clarity to the way we listen, hear and communicate. Their Mix360 is more than an innovative headset, and begs the question: What will you hear when you can truly listen? Thanks to Kate Goldsborough for her styling and vision.

Daniel Orlansky Yoga

January 20, 2015

Meridian Yoga works to activate and balance energy in fourteen meridians of Oriental medicine.  It incorporates traditional poses as well as partner-assisted stretching to improve the health and functioning of associated organs.  Thanks to Daniel and his crew of yogis, minutia managers and more, the very act of photographing for this book inspired a daily yoga practice after years of neglecting to stretch.

Suzanne McNeil

January 13, 2015

We created imagery for the cover of Suzanne McNeil’s new album, “Shimmer”.  The visual style was to reflect a dream like journey.  Since local weather didn’t cooperate on the shoot date, we opted for the studio and glittery confetti to capture a glowing, flared, shimmery effect.

The Good Luck Cat

December 22, 2014

The opportunity to photograph Lissa Warren and her Korat cat, Ting, came right after I lost my cat, the infamous Daisy, a 19-year white haired companion with a permanent pout.  Shooting a cover for Lissa Warren’s elegantly written memoir about grief, hope, and how pets both complicate and enrich our lives was just the tonic needed to celebrate my own relationship with an impressive feline, featured here, in white.

Handel & Haydn

December 18, 2014

To commemorate their Bicentennial, and in concert with rebranding efforts, The Handel and Haydn Society sought fresh, lively portraits of company musicians and vocalists to demonstrate the energy, movement, and vibrance of the company.  We also photographed the Messiah in Symphony Hall for their coffee table book cover.  Many thanks to Kathleen Schiffmann for her styling prowess – we love working with her and the entire team at Anchor Artists.