Project Citizenship

April 11, 2017

Friend, neighbor and colleague Wendy Swart Grossman introduced us to Project Citizenship, a nonprofit agency that provides free services to help legal permanent residents become US citizens. These services range from workshops and application assistance, to civics instruction and ESOL classes in collaboration with community-based partners. Through its work, Project Citizenship promotes opportunity and civic engagement within an inclusive, democratic community.

Snow Day!

March 14, 2017

Ahhhhh… SNOW DAY!!! We took advantage of a white weather morning – and got out while the getting was good – to give our local client a few shots that show the NEU CCIS section of Huntington in hush of winter. Shhhhh…

WBUR / New York Times – Modern Love – Live at the Wilbur

February 14, 2017

Valentine’s Day: Hit podcast Modern Love was performed live to a sold-out crowd at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston. Up-front and personal behind-the-scene images capture readings by Alisia Reiner, Brian Tyree Henry, and Emmy Rossum. A performance by Hite rounded out the evening, and NYT Modern Love Editor Daniel Jones kept it real, and, well, modern. In the spirit of the day, we also captured tag-team pix of Alisia’s husband, Davis Alan Basche and Emmy’s sweetheart and fiancé, Sam Esmail.

Corin Ashley Broken Biscuits

January 17, 2017

Recipe for something sound and sweet: Raw Ingredients – talent, passion, collaboration, friendship, lyrics, time, stroke, support, recovery, inspiration. Preparation – batch, break, shake, structure, spell, stabilize, shoot. Finish – let stand, serve on stage with a full band. Serves – thousands. Enjoy… It’s always inspiring to collaborate with gifted artists. One of my favorite longtime teams includes Aaron Belyea of Alphabet Arm and Corin Ashley on guitar. And, it’s infinitely more inspiring to witness Corin working his way through dysarthria to recovery.  


December 6, 2016

KDB is looking for fresh environmental portraits that have a real-time, relaxed appeal. We stepped in to create images that invoke a sense of location and connection to the workplace, and are people-focused. The scope of the project included partners and the local team, as well as their super office dog. The images were created with flexible composition in mind for versatile use in different formats – this way, a single image can be used to different effect (horizontally, vertically, as well as square format), thanks to art direction in collaboration with the folks at Selbert Perkins Design.