December 6, 2016

KDB is looking for fresh environmental portraits that have a real-time, relaxed appeal. We stepped in to create images that invoke a sense of location and connection to the workplace, and are people-focused. The scope of the project included partners and the local team, as well as their super office dog. The images were created with flexible composition in mind for versatile use in different formats – this way, a single image can be used to different effect (horizontally, vertically, as well as square format), thanks to art direction in collaboration with the folks at Selbert Perkins Design.


November 16, 2016

Synlogic is powering the microbiome with a new class of medicines. Enter LLP to supply the startup with portraits that communicate energy and innovation, and associated images to serve as building blocks for their stock library. The goal is to illustrate not just the science but also the business around the science, and to convey a contemporary, vibrant feel that underscores Synlogic’s approach… portraying a dynamic, friendly workplace as well as interstellar preferences.

Wheaton College

November 1, 2016

With art direction in collaboration with Minelli, Inc. we created a new set of Wheaton-specific images for marketing, collateral and to update their image library. We sought to capture more abstract, emotional moments in a diverse set of up-close-and-personal imagery on campus.  The idea was to communicate energy and motion that is approachable and fresh without being over-stylized.

SNHU – Elevation Station

October 26, 2016

We‘ve been building the stock image library for Southern New Hampshire University for a while now, and just when we’d captured the full range of seasons and a slew of student activities, it was time for something higher level. And by higher level I mean a good few thousand feet above the ground in a little Cesna. SNHU is expanding their program offerings into engineering and aviation, and as someone who always wanted to learn to fly, I couldn’t think of a better activity on an autumn afternoon than capturing the foliage and environs from above.

Hillary Clinton For President

October 13, 2016

When Chelsea Clinton came to Brookline to speak on her mother’s behalf, AE Events helped organize and host the event, and casually invited me to bring a camera. A favorite moment before the main event: being re-introduced to Governor Dukakis: my first official internship back in the late ‘80’s was working for the Governor’s Press Staff, an honor for a young upstart. An inspiring speech by Chelsea followed Dukakis’ intro and it’s easy to say I’m with her