Happy holidays to all creatures, large and small

December 13, 2015

Around the holidays, we field assorted requests from friends & neighbors to create family portraits for print, gifts, cards, you name it. We like to cater to the whimsy of our clients while creating classic images that capture moments in time. One such moment rocked our world with the holiday spirit chasing us down in the form of Miss Moneypenney, a surprising likeness in terms of hairstyle and spirit.

Brookline Booksmith

November 23, 2015

Historically dedicated to the fine art of browsing, the Brookline Booksmith was originally called ‘Paperback Booksmith’ when it opened in the early ‘60’s. The store was one of the first to display books by category instead of publisher – decades ahead of its time. Beyond floor-to-ceiling shelves of books, if you want to pick up a gift ahead of its time, browse the Giftsmith. We love the Booksmith not only because of a) walking distance from the studio; b) great space to browse & linger – one of the rare places time seems to slow; c) it fosters a greater sense of community and also holds topical events and readings.

Brandeis University

October 22, 2015

As a student, I was curious about Brandeis and almost landed there, but something about the Quaker meetings at Haverford and proximity to NYC drew me further south. Had I known that Boston would become my grown up home, things might have been different. Brandeis is a standout higher ed institution, ranked among top 35 national universities by US News & World Report every year since its inception. What I didn’t know before the shoot is that Brandeis has also won NCAA team championships in men’s soccer, which proves that you CAN win at academics and team sports alike: go team!

Silkroad Project

October 6, 2015

Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble is comprised of globally renowned performers and composers whose music highlights the cultural exchange of what we share, rather than what divides us. The opportunity to work with such players challenged us to create a series of images conveying the group as a whole while showcasing individual personalities. Our conversations and session circled around the timing of Morgan Neville’s ‘Music With Strangers’ project – maybe this makes us 20 feet from stardom…

Silva Salakian Jewelry Design

September 9, 2015

Silva’s influences from Armenia to Zimbabwe are reflected in her design; sumptuous old world styling – from lavish inception to modern execution. Taking a seed of inspiration from Dolce & Gabbana’s lush backdrops, we sourced organic textures to showcase her materials with rustic elegance. It was tough to highlight only a small sampling of her wares, and speaking of wares, it’s a distinct pleasure to wear them.